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48V 120Ah Electric Rickshaw Lithium Battery

48v 120Ah battery for electric rickshaw and electric tricycle.

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Do you have an electric rickshaw? These rickshaws require to be charged and the best batteries for that are lithium-ion batteries. There is a lithium battery, and to be specific 48V 120Ah lithium e-rickshaw battery. This is a very useful and high-quality battery for e-tricycle which has become a very inclusive mode of transportation. One of the hardest questions you will encounter when purchasing an e-tricycle is, which is the best battery for an e-tricycle? Most e-tricycle use the 18650 form factor for a cell. A lithium battery, a 48V 120Ah lithium e-tricycle battery, is rechargeable and thus is very handy in that it is not disposed of after depleting power.

These batteries are of high quality with a battery capacity of 120Ah can last for more than 6 hours. This battery can guarantee you long life. This battery has a stored energy of 6.15kWh and a nominal voltage of 51.2V. The continuous discharge current of 20A (1kW). the maximum continuous discharge current is 100A, and it has a 98% energy efficiency. These batteries have a built-in battery management system that helps in monitoring the cell’s current, temperature, cell balancing, and voltage. This battery is a hundred percent maintenance-free and has a sealed case with a protection index of IP65.

Life Cycle

More than 6,000 cycles.

Operating Temperature

Charge: 0°C to +60°C

Discharge: -20°C to +60°C


50A max, please use the LiFePO4 charger to charge the battery.


20A continuous discharge current, 100A peak discharge current.

BMS(Battery Management System)

Protect the battery from high voltage, low voltage, over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit, and high temperature.

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