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LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers in China

With the rapid increase in the development of the global economy and advancements in science and technology, the lithium-ion battery has become an indispensable thing that humans use daily. With the new storage and rapid development of energy vehicles, the market demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries has increased. Due to this demand, most companies have emerged from manufacturing these batteries.

According to statistics, China’s lithium iron phosphate batteries have risen to 64.8 GWh, which accounts for 50.5 percent of the general proportion. This means that these batteries have surpassed the ternary batteries in terms of sales, installation, and production. With its benefits of low cost and high safety performance, lithium-ion phosphate batteries have become more popular with a strong comeback. If you are looking for lithium-ion phosphate manufacturers in China, here are the most popular manufacturers.


This is one of China’s best LIFEPO4 BATTERY manufacturers with global competitiveness and the world’s biggest battery manufacturer. The Company focuses on researching, developing, producing, and selling a new and modern energy vehicle storage system and battery. It is ten years since its development, and its power battery has gained global recognition making it the first Chinese Company to get into the supply chain of world-class car companies.

The Company cooperates with BMW, Toyota, Tesla, FAW-Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, among top enterprises, becoming the globe’s leading supplier of power batteries. This Company has six production bases and four research and development centers.

Moreover, it has launched its highly expected sodium-ion battery featuring high energy densities. Being the best LIFEPO4 battery manufacturing Company, the Shenzhen Stock exchange-listed in its2018 stock exchange, and therefore its share price increased to 501.50 RMB from its previous value of one hundred and six RMB realized in 2018. The Company has opened a branch to supply batteries to the Hyundai motor in South Korea.

Gotion High Tech

This is the first enterprise in the Chinese power battery industry to get to the capital market. Being among the companies involved in individual research, development, sales, and production of the LIFEPO4 batteries for modern vehicles, the Company has realized integrated mass production of batteries, PACK grouping, energy storage battery PACK, high energy products, and cathode materials.

Lithium iron phosphate is Gotion high-tech’s main battery product. The Company has done its single cell’s energy density upgrade to one hundred and ninety Watt-hours per kilogram from its previous density of one hundred and eighty Watt-hours per kilogram.

Additionally, the Company has undertaken significant technological and scientific projects of three hundred Watt-hours per kilogram of energy density as per China’s ministry of science and technology. The Company’s main partners are Volkswagen and JAC Motors and appeared in the 2015 list with a current market of about sixty-seven billion RMB.


Starting in 1995 February, this energy producing Company has more than thirty industrial parks globally. With achievement in strategic layout in the world continents. BYB is a universally known lithium-ion battery cell, electric vehicle, and module manufacturer. The Company began with the production of business layout covers the battery, new energy, rail transportation, automotive and rechargeable batteries featuring an invitation and strength in twenty years of comprehensive and high-speed development.

This Company features one hundred percent independent development, research production capacity, and design with over twenty years of innovation, power battery, and a consumer 3 c battery in the battery production industry. The Company formed a full battery enterprise chain besides battery products through self-marketing with its energy battery storage. Currently, BYD is the world’s biggest LIFEPO4 battery manufacturer by capacity.

The Company has gathered several unique benefits of the LIFEPO4 batteries featuring a complete technology set from motor design to cell production. The Company has been listed by Shenzhen and Hong Kong with eight hundred and thirty-one billion RMB and eight hundred and twenty-six billion RMB respectively as its market capitalization. The Company officially launched a blade battery that uses the LIFEPO4 technology. Its flat blade battery can minimize the space between the single battery, contrary to its traditional battery.

Moreover, the increase of the area plays a pivotal role in heat dissipation. The space utilization taken by this blade battery is sixty percent making it the Company’s competitiveness for the previous two years. This battery by BYD features six technological innovations: super life, super strength, super low temperature, super safety, superpower, and super endurance. The Company announced that its pure electric models have fully started switching to blade batteries and using the strongest test technique to increase power safety, known as the needle test.


EVE has grown to be China’s largest high-capacity lithium primary batteries supplier for over twenty years of rapid development. It is the new leading lithium power company featuring an independent property and advanced technology level. The Company has comprehensive solutions and core technologies for power batteries and consumers enjoying a far-reaching market demand. EVE’s products are automotive electronics, data communication, intelligent transportation, and smart meters.

Futon Energy

Futon energy is a china based company that mainly focuses on various applications through lithium batteries. The Company aims to improve people’s living standards, promoting green living and working smart. The Company has been in business for over 10 years, with the majority of its market base being in the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Most of the Company’s customers are from the energy storage area and electric mobility area. We provide professional and efficient energy services all around the world with high customer satisfaction rates.

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